Tuesday, October 6, 2015

An Anti-feminist Account

    Don't take this post's title too seriously.  I don't consider myself as much "antifeminist" as I would consider myself instead, a bane to that for which feminism stands.  Because seriously you guys, my life goals are to become a housewife and have babies.  And play my video games during the down time, of course.  But that 1950s American Dream, with the white picket fence, polka dot dress, pearl necklace, and red lipstick ready to greet my husband when he comes home from work?  Totally me.
    But okay, realistically, when I eventually do get married, I'm probably going to be like, what in the heck was I thinking, this sucks, I hate cleaning and I just want to get pizza for dinner.  But until then, I'm keeping my perfect housewife fantasy in my heart.


    While the topic of feminism is still relevant, however, I will give my serious opinion of it, which is still that I do not believe in it.  Feminists argue that being feminist means being in support of equality between men and women, but if that were truly the case, it would not even be called "feminism", because the name itself spotlights the female sex.  It should be called humanism, or equalism, but it isn't.  It is called feminism, and it is not, dear feminists, all about equality.  It is about women.  I will not disagree with the claim that women have been oppressed in the history of civilization, and some percentage of the male population has treated them in a less than desirable way, but I do believe that in the current society, inequality is not really much of an issue.
  • Can I vote (once I am of the legal age)? Check.
  • Can I work? Check.
  • Can I drive? Check.
  • Can I marry whomever I choose? Check.
  • Can I essentially make my own decisions and live my own life? Check.
    Most feminists still complain that women don't have equal representation in work forces, women don't get paid as much as men, women get raped, women get harassed and treated like objects, et cetera. The list goes on. Obviously, rape is a horrible thing, and women should not be harassed, and women should get paid the same wages as a man doing the same job just as well as he is. However it shouldn't just be singled out and called feminism that people stand for these things.  It should just be things that people believe in.  It should be common sense, common courtesy, and common knowledge.  Feminism should not need to exist.  But it does.
    I do not believe in going around saying that my sex is oppressed and men need to treat me better, because I don't believe that is the case.  However, I do believe in self-empowerment, and I am a strong advocate of independence.  I respect anyone who stands up for things they feel strongly about, even if I do not agree with what they are saying.  Among all the rights granted me in this country, the two I believe I value the most are my right to religion, and my right to free speech.  And with that, I will say that if you think I'm wrong for thinking feminism is wrong, all I can say is,


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