Wednesday, March 8, 2017


I was lucky enough to be born into a family of six, with five wonderful older siblings. However, this post is entirely dedicated to just one of them, and her name is Emilee.

Emilee's birthday is 05/10/1996 and mine is 04/30/1999, making her my closest sibling in age, which I think has likewise made our relationship closer.  Something about seeing all of your older siblings leave one by one until it's just the two of you (and then eventually just yourself) brings you together I guess.  And all those times she let me read her old journals.  And all those times when we talked about the hot missionaries that we would have over for dinner every week. And all those adventures we went on when she finally got her license (Namely, we went to Michael's. The craft store. Yes, even then, she was a granny).

These days, most of our interactions have been reduced to texting (and even further reduced to just sending gifs or bitmojis back and forth), since she had to grow up and move to Idaho and get married. Boo. Alas, she remains my sisterfriend forever. <3

I affirm that this is one of the best photos ever taken of Emilee and me.

Not entirely sure what was going on here, truthfully..,.

That time it snowed a pretty good amount in North Carolina and these Utah girls were excited.

I've never been very good at comforting people.

That time our booties were fly up in Gettysburg.

When I came home from being away all summer and our hearts were whole again.

Twas the summer, and we were derp.

The most recent photo I have of the two of us.

Still true.

Monday, January 2, 2017


Well, it's January now, and I haven't touched this poor blog in quite some time.


I'm quite a different person now than I was then, really.  Want some pictures?  Here, have some pictures.  Look, I have eyebrows!  (Thanks, makeup.)

July 24th at my family's annual Pioneer Day BBQ down in Monda. Elise and I made some pretty rad chalk drawings.

My last girls' camp with my best friend Shayla. <3

My brand new little nibling, Lucy Rose Peterson (born 09/07/2016), these days more commonly referred to as "Goose!" My eyebrows were quite intense that day.

Just a random cute picture I took with my parents eating dinner at Chick-fil-A not too long ago.

Me and my seesters enjoying some DELICIOUS ice cream in Las Vegas just after Christmas.

I am going to turn eighteen this year.  And then I'm going to graduate high school!  That's exciting.  And kind of terrifying.  I wonder what else 2017 has in store for me...

It's kind of cliché to do this, but I'm proceeding anyway:  If I had to turn the entirety of the year 2016 into a lesson, I'd say that I think life (or rather God) was trying to teach me that the right thing at the wrong time is still the wrong thing, and I need to be patient.  I'm still struggling with that.  But I have high hopes for this year.  Cheers!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

paper cuts and broken hearts

     It's been kind of a rough day.  I haven't changed out of my pajamas, my hair looks like it did when I got out of bed (although it's in a braid, so it's not entirely terrible), and a few tears have been shed.  Have you ever experienced those days where all you want to do is put on some sad music and wallow in your own self pity?  That has been my day today.  I also just remembered that we have ice cream in the freezer and I think I am going to eat it once I finish with this post.
     The point of this post, however, is not for me to complain about my problems and vent to a virtually nonexistent audience.  Throughout the day I have reflected on my depressed state, and I realize that this is not, by any means, the end of the world.  I can and will get over this, I just need some time for my reopened wounds to bleed.  BUT - and here I am getting to the point - just because my problems are not necessarily the most terrible thing, it does not mean that they do not matter.  One of my biggest pet peeves of all time is when people pull the, "someone out there is having a worse day than you" card.  Just because someone else's problems may be worse than yours (although to classify some problems as more problematic than others is completely subjective), it does not, by ANY MEANS, mean that your problems do not matter. 

Everyone has problems.

     Everyone has them, and they all matter to each individual that they affect.  If our problems did not matter, then Jesus would not have suffered for them, but He did.  He knows every little thing you go through, from your paper cuts to your broken hearts, and to Him, every single one of those things is important, no matter how small.
     I think I am particularly passionate about this because, being the sixteen year old girl that I am, I get told and/or treated like my problems don't really matter all the time.  People just love to pick on teenagers, telling them that high school is easy and that life doesn't really start until you graduate, or start college, or get married, or have kids, etc. etc.  Maybe life does get harder when those things happen, but that doesn't mean you need to tell me that I shouldn't feel bad about what I feel is difficult.  Did you forget what it was like to be a teenager?  Don't try to convince me that you had the easiest time of your life prior to turning 18 year old, even if that is what it seems like now, because while something is happening, we don't know what we'll be like when it is over.  
     But I don't mean to turn this completely in the direction of teenagers, this just happens to be my perspective because I am one.  All I am trying to get at is that you matter.  Every problem you have, and every pain you have ever felt, and every trial you have ever experienced, and all that have yet to come, every one of them matter.

     Now please enjoy these stereotypical quotes I found on Pinterest, and have a nice day.  Remember that Jesus loves you.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

An Anti-feminist Account

    Don't take this post's title too seriously.  I don't consider myself as much "antifeminist" as I would consider myself instead, a bane to that for which feminism stands.  Because seriously you guys, my life goals are to become a housewife and have babies.  And play my video games during the down time, of course.  But that 1950s American Dream, with the white picket fence, polka dot dress, pearl necklace, and red lipstick ready to greet my husband when he comes home from work?  Totally me.
    But okay, realistically, when I eventually do get married, I'm probably going to be like, what in the heck was I thinking, this sucks, I hate cleaning and I just want to get pizza for dinner.  But until then, I'm keeping my perfect housewife fantasy in my heart.


    While the topic of feminism is still relevant, however, I will give my serious opinion of it, which is still that I do not believe in it.  Feminists argue that being feminist means being in support of equality between men and women, but if that were truly the case, it would not even be called "feminism", because the name itself spotlights the female sex.  It should be called humanism, or equalism, but it isn't.  It is called feminism, and it is not, dear feminists, all about equality.  It is about women.  I will not disagree with the claim that women have been oppressed in the history of civilization, and some percentage of the male population has treated them in a less than desirable way, but I do believe that in the current society, inequality is not really much of an issue.
  • Can I vote (once I am of the legal age)? Check.
  • Can I work? Check.
  • Can I drive? Check.
  • Can I marry whomever I choose? Check.
  • Can I essentially make my own decisions and live my own life? Check.
    Most feminists still complain that women don't have equal representation in work forces, women don't get paid as much as men, women get raped, women get harassed and treated like objects, et cetera. The list goes on. Obviously, rape is a horrible thing, and women should not be harassed, and women should get paid the same wages as a man doing the same job just as well as he is. However it shouldn't just be singled out and called feminism that people stand for these things.  It should just be things that people believe in.  It should be common sense, common courtesy, and common knowledge.  Feminism should not need to exist.  But it does.
    I do not believe in going around saying that my sex is oppressed and men need to treat me better, because I don't believe that is the case.  However, I do believe in self-empowerment, and I am a strong advocate of independence.  I respect anyone who stands up for things they feel strongly about, even if I do not agree with what they are saying.  Among all the rights granted me in this country, the two I believe I value the most are my right to religion, and my right to free speech.  And with that, I will say that if you think I'm wrong for thinking feminism is wrong, all I can say is,


Saturday, October 3, 2015

Fall Favorites (and a brief introduction)

For the record, I've had a blog previous to this one. I think I've actually had something like three. Regardless, this one will be different! I want this to be real. I want to stick with it. I want an outlet for my life, and I don't care who reads it, if anyone. So here I am.

Now, my dear sister Jenn Jenn tagged me in this fall favorites thing, and I told her that I actually decided to create a new blog (to which she responded with sarcasm, joking how long it would take for me to forget my password again), so I shall begin!

Favorite Candle: Autumn Winds

Now just to be clear, I don't really own any candles.. I'm 16 years old and I likely wouldn't do anything with one if I had one, but one of my very favorite aspects of fall is the cool, crisp air outside when the weather finally drops, and you can just feel the season in your lungs. Hence, autumn winds.

Favorite Lip Color: Nude

Another clarification: Very, very, very rarely will I ever wear makeup. It just isn't my thing (quite unlike my sister who tagged me in this post). Is choosing nude kind of cheating my way out of the question? Probably. Do I care? Probably not.

Favorite Drink: Hot Chocolate

Good folks, I am fond of the classics, and hot chocolate is the classic beverage of the season. It is creamy, it is smooth, it is rich and delicious, and it makes my soul feel the warmth of heavenly love.

Favorite Blush: Nude Pink?

Like I said, I'm not into the makeup game, so if there is a nude option, I'm choosing that. 

Favorite Clothing Item: Jackets, Hoodies, Sweaters, and the like.

I very much desire this particular sweater in my life.

I do not own a large collection of clothing, my closet choices are very limited I believe, but oh how I wish I had more jackets, hoodies, and sweaters. They are the pinnacle of comfort (second perhaps only to leggings, to which I only recently became converted. Thanks Amber).

Favorite Fall Movie: Young Frankenstein

Halloween is in the fall, so Halloween movies are fall movies right? Young Frankenstein FTW.

Favorite Fall TV Show: America's Next Top Model

I don't watch television (unless watching shows on Netflix counts as watching TV, in which case I watch a lot of television), but there is one show that I will watch if I am able, and that is America's Next Top Model. So judge me. It's freaking entertaining, and this cycle there is this guy, Nyle DiMarco, who is the epitome of beauty in male creations of God, I must say. There are but a few men to which I would give that description, but oh he deserves it. Plus he's so kind and sweet! *swoon*

Favorite Thanksgiving Food: STUFFING

It ties everything on the Thanksgiving feast table together perfectly, and it is delicious.

Favorite Halloween Costume: I don't have one (sorrynotsorry)

There was sand in crevices I didn't even know I had after that.

I'm not really into Halloween. I like candy, but I don't really care for dressing up or trick-or-treating, or attending parties and the like. So instead, admire these photos of when my talented sister Elise (whose beautiful legs can be seen in the bottom picture) turned me into a mermaid on the beach in Oregon a good few years ago, because it was awesome and better than any costume. Cheating my way out of the question again? Yes. Deal with it.

I believe this concludes my very first post. Thanks Jenn! It was fun. :)